Howdy! I am a designer.a photographer.a freelancer.a geek.a visionary.a problem solver.

I live and work in Manhattan, NY making design projects for a variety of clients. I also contribute to Concept Graphics, volunteer for No More Fear Foundation and write for my technology-focused publication HowTechie. Feel free to check my design blog, portfolio or my resume. I’m available to chat by emailphoneSkype video chat or in person for those in New York City.


Graphic Design · Motion Graphics · 3D Modeling


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  • I volunteer for No More Fear Foundation which provides a lifeline of resettlement support services to members of the LGBT community that seek asylum in the United States
  • I also contribute to Concept Graphics, an independent design studio owned and run by 8 designers, a group of friends who are all leaders in their individual creative fields
  • I’m also known as Romanesco. Check out the website for my most recent work.

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